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Logo Design

Bespoke logo concept creation and design service for brands who want to stand out. 

Healthcare Logos created by an osteopath

Jen studied at the UCO in London to earn her Master’s in osteopathy and now practices in London alongside her design work. 

Concept Creation

Logos are far more than pretty pictures. Good logos have the power to communicate your brands values and purpose in just one glance.

Bespoke Designs

All logos are hand-drawn by Jen using old reliable pen & paper before being digitally transformed in Adobe Illustrator. This means each design is unique- no templates here!

The Whole package

We want your logo to look it’s best in every light. We will provide you with multiple colour styles and variations of your final design for use in different contexts & are prepared to walk you through the implementation process.

Colours & Fonts

Let us walk you guide your colour scheme & font decisions. Considering colour theory, recent trends and your brands personality.

Competitor research

You want to stand out from the crowed? We will get to know your competitors branding, and steer you in a unique direction.

Verbal Branding

Learn the importance of tagline and headings. Carve out a verbal identity that complements and reinforces your design choices.

Branding Key

A key will be provided to you, teaching you how to continue to implement your branding when making decisions in the future.

Visual Branding

Visual branding is much more than a logo. Think colours, fonts, verbal marketing. Learn how to find your voice and let it be heard.

Graphics & Illustration

Own a blog you need graphics for or want some illustrations to decorate your business space? I’m here to help.

Social Media Assets

Want to upgrade your Instagram and need help creating posts that follow your brands aesthetic. We can help!

Medical Illustration

Whether it’s for your blog, publication or clinic walls. Check out some of my designs on Etsy at Figure Out Creative.

Figurative artwork

Commissions are currently closed for oil painting requests.

Get in touch & express your interest in being the first to know when they are open again.

Website Graphics

Icons, illustrations or anything else to liven up your webpages.



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