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Vantage Osteopathy

At Vantage Osteopathy, the team doesn’t just treat pain – they empower lives. Dan’s mission is to provide person-centred care of unparalleled quality, guiding patients towards relief, empowerment and an elevated state of health. Your journey with Vantage is an expedition, a climb towards a healthier, happier you.
The problem
Dan has a vision to approach his new osteopathy clinic differently. He wants to create a brand that inspires patients to take control of their health before they’ve even walked through the door.
The solution
A brand identity that reflects his three core values of elevation, empowerment and enhancement, whilst embodying a certain sprezzatura- meaning to say that the class and elegance of the brand should feel natural and authentic.
The outcome
A strong brand identity that feels luxurious, yet approachable and inviting. The simplistic shapes and bold marigold yellow is understated yet memorable, a perfect example of when simple design is most effective.

Reach The Summit Of Your Health With Us

Dan went into the branding process with a clear vision of using ‘vantage’ as his brand name, summarising his commitment to providing patients with a clear perspective and a comprehensive view of their health. Elevate your health, embrace empowerment and conquer the summit of well-being.

Fancy a brand as cool as this one?

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