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The Dog Osteo

With her deep understanding of canine health, performance, and the world of dog agility, Rachel’s passion for the well-being of dogs has earned The Dog Osteo’s reputation as the top dog osteopath in Australia. Rachel’s fear free approach to treatment is at the core of what makes The Dog Osteo special, and we knew she needed a brand that reflects her dedication to dog welfare, whilst positioning The Dog Osteo as a true centre of excellence for canine health. Through Dog Osteopathy and Dog Rehabilitation, you can count on The Dog Osteo to make sure your canine companion is back doing what they love as quickly as possible.
The problem
Rachel needed a brand to reflect her position as the go-to canine osteopath in Australia. The brand needed to appeal to dog owners in the competitive agility world as well as pet owners.
The solution
A brand with a universally trusted look and feel, reflecting Rachel’s professional and welcoming nature. We need to show-off Rachel’s results-focussed attitude, commitment to providing healthcare excellence, not forgetting her huge love of dogs.
The outcome
The result of this identity project is a vibrant and playful brand featuring clean lines and smart colours, that reflects The Dog Osteo’s professional values while also radiating an irresistibly cute charm.

The story of two adorable miniature Schnauzers: Patrick and Betty

The logo of The Dog Osteo draws inspiration from Rachel’s charming all-black miniature Schnauzer, Patrick. He perfectly embodies Rachel’s love for dogs and her dedication to their well-being and performance. In 2021, Patrick experienced a spinal stroke, but thanks to Rachel’s knowledge of rehabilitation, he made a full recovery. The logo features Patrick jumping through a hoop that forms the letter ‘O’ in Osteo, cleverly representing the agility and performance work that Rachel does with her canine clients.

Fancy a brand as cool as this one?

The Dog Osteo Indoor Signage