By embracing the unique ways you practice as a healthcare professional, we merge strategy and design to create a custom look that packs a punch and speaks to the patients you really want to help.


Jen Nash

In 2020, Jen graduated with my Masters degree in Osteopathy and founded Figure Out Creative.

She loves working with healthcare professionals who are as passionate about health as she is. Jen believes that healthcare businesses simply can’t afford to be lost in the crowed, your clients needs you. 

At Figure Out Creative, we blend our knowledge and appreciation of the healthcare industry, with our expertise on brand strategy and identity design. The brands we create are built to stand out from the noise and connect with the people you really want to help. 

Art & design roots

Jen’s always had a keen interest in Art & Design. Before embarking on her Osteopathy Master’s, she completed a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design in Brighton. Here she developed my creative process and refined my design skills.

Healthcare training

Having been compelled to study Osteopathy out of her fascination of biomechanics and the body’s own ability to heal itself, Jen studied at the UCO. Her love for osteopathy remains, and she manages to see a small number of patients per week alongside her design work.

A fusion of passions

With firsthand experience of the unique challenges faced by healthcare businesses, Jen works with professionals who put their clients needs first, and get their products and services out to the people they studied so hard to help.

Our values

Why Figure Out Creative?

We understand that healthcare branding is different. We know that your patients or clients always come first, no exceptions.

Creative & stand-out brand design

Learn to make branding work for you and speak to the audience you really want to help whilst setting yourself apart from the vast array of treatment modalities as a trustworthy source of knowledge and care.

Healthcare branding by a healthcare professional

We know you don’t become a healthcare professional to build brands and run businesses. We know your passion lies in helping the people you set out to help all those years ago. That’s why we’re here to help make sense of the world of branding in healthcare.

Healthcare brands only

With experience working as an AHP in healthcare, we understand the unique requirements of healthcare brands, and that your patients or clients come first always. Work with someone who knows brand strategy, and what it means to run a healthcare business.

With firsthand experience of the unique challenges faced when starting a business in healthcare, we are committed to creating a personalised look that directly appeals to your target patient/customer groups, while helping you stand out in the health industry as true professionals who put clients needs first.

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